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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Letter 'B' - Day 5

I've been a slacker at posting b/c I haven't had a chance to get the pictures on the computer so I'm just going to catch up here and add the pics later. ;)
On this day we focused on learning about bears.

We practiced following oral instructions. I gave instructions on how to draw a simple bear. I demonstrated on the white board at the same time. We read a couple of books about bears -- here's one of them:
 After that we got on youtube and looked for videos about bears. I had him note the bears standing on their hind legs. We talked about why bears do that but dogs and cats don't. I got Baker (our cat) and showed Collin his feet and had him walk. How did he walk? on his toes. ;) Then he watched Bears walk and he realized Bears used their whole foot. I had Collin walk on all fours only using his toes on his legs and then stand up still only using toes. Then I had him try again using his entire foot and asked him which was easier.
Then we wrote a book about bears. On the front page was the pic he drew earlier. On the next page he drew a Bear's habitat, the next page was food and the last page was something that he thought was cool about Bears (he liked the whole hibernation thing ;).

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