Monday, August 16, 2010

File Folder: fish and colors

I made this for my 2 year old to help her learn colors. She LOVES it. I'm planning on making more for both her and my son.

I got it from

Sound and Music: Blow a Sound

We read this book. :)
Science: We talked about wind instruments and tried to make one but we couldn't get it to work. I'll have to experiment more with that one.

Language Arts: We went through some titles involving instruments such as "The Lost Trombone" or "The Talking Clarinet"..etc. We went with "The Magic Flute". Then Collin wrote a story based on that. Here's his story.
  • Once upon a time a magic flute went out for a walk. The magic flute got lost and saw 100 bears. He vibrated and spun and became a tornado and blew the bears away. He walked and walked until e saw his house, it had a big hole in the roof. He felt some raindrops but when he tried to fix it he realized he had no more magic. He tried to fly over the house but his flying power stopped and he fell right into the pool. The water froze over and he was stuck there. Finally, it got so hot that the water melted and the magic flute was free. Then his powers came back and he fixed his roof and went home. Another family had moved in though so they played rock, paper, scissors to see who got the house. The magic flute won and said to the family, "You can live in the house next to me." So, they did.
          • THE END
 Math: Sorta do a cakewalk with numbers 1-10. When the music stops, stop walking. Children (and parent if playing) identifies if they're standing on an even or odd number. :)

Art: Show child how to blow in a glass bottle to make music. Paint and decorate bottles.

Sound and Music: Volume

We read Quiet as a Mouse by Carol Roth. For some reason I couldn't find the image in google. I found the book at my library though.

Science: We made a 'stethoscope' (well, something to make quiet sounds loud) and a megaphone.
Art: We made a radio out of a cereal box.
Language Arts: Made a loud and quiet book.
Math: Talked about decibels and practice counting by tens.

Music and Sound: Pitch

We read Nate and the Great Musical Note. We found it a bit dull though so I recommend maybe finding another book.

Science:  We listened to the difference in pitch of different sized items. I had my husband cut a small dowel into 8 different pieces, each one an inch larger than the next. We dropped them and listened and figured out which ones were higher than the others.

Then we made a water scale and compared the pitches in each bottle. I couldn't find IBC cream soda which would have been better b/c they're clear but I did find root beer and they worked fine too.
Language Arts: We wrote songs with our water scales. :)
Math: I put a number in front of each bottle, numbering them 1-8. Then I had a card and wrote different math equations like '5+2=' and then we figured out the answer by tapping the bottles with a spoon.

Sound and Music: Echoes

Literature: We read this book.

Science: We experimented with how echoes bounce off different surfaces.
One was talking in the tube and the other listening. We used a tile, the table, cardboard, mirror and anything we could find.
We used different length tubes too. :)
Then we talked about how the sound waves are absorbed into some so we yelled at the objects and felt some vibrating more than others. Collin really liked this!!

Language Arts: We played a copycat game. The took turns copying what the other said and did.
Math: We talked about places -- ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. I drew the numbers on the driveway and bounced it on the ground to each other. We had to name what place the number was in that the ball landed on. Collin loved this and we played it for over an hour.
I'm not sure why he looks so serious in this picture though.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sound and Music.... waves and vibrations

We worked on sound vibrations. Here we hit the pan with the spoon to make the rice on the plastic bounce.

Here we were targeting the sound waves to hit the piece of paper. There's a piece of card stock on the end with a small hole in it. When we yelled in it it vibrated the strip of construction paper.

Of course when learning about sound waves and vibrations we have to make the classic comb kazoo. :)
This one was our favorite -- made from tongue depressors, rubberbands and cut up pieces of a straw we made a sound sandwich. We just blow and it's a whistle. So awesome!
We made a sound box. Collin decorated the bottom and Ronni and I decorated the top.
Okay, I put the paper on it and Ronni did the rest.
Here's the sound box. We talked about the different sounds the different sized rubber bands make. I also pulled out my guitar and and we looked at the different sized strings on there and the different sounds the strings make when you hold one down on the different frets.
We did other things too but a lot of our stuff comes from a curriculum now and I don't want to break the copyright or anything by posting it all on here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The First Day

Today was the first day of our new year and I think it went pretty well. :) We had fun. The theme for the next two weeks is "Sound and Music". It's going to be fun! Today we went on a sound walk, made a sound collage, and worked with money. :) The kids are excited about their new year and so am I! :)