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I'm a mom, a teacher, a student, a wife, and a scout leader. I am actually an education major currently working on my practicum in a 2nd grade classroom. I also home school my two children. I'm also a cub scout leader, a girl scout leader, and at church I'm the children's music leader. ;) I tend to stay a little busy. My state requires homeschoolers to keep a portfolio. I am going to use this blog as my portfolio.

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Monday, February 15, 2010


My hubby had the lesson tonight. He based it off an article from The Friend called The Zucchini Bandit. After we read the story we talked about ways that we can serve one another.
Collin had refreshments so he and I made poppy seed muffin tops earlier today... yum yum and then Ronni wanted to play games for the activity... guess what game! Operation.. yeah... haha! We seem to be playing that game a lot lately. ;)

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