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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Letter 'A' - Day 1

First, we made a list of words that start with the letter A. I had Collin go through and underline all the 'a's he could find. 

Then we made an "A" book. We took all of those items that he had just named and turned them into a book. We wrote one of the words he came up with on one side and then he illustrated it on the other side.

Then he colored a picture of Alligator Ann. She is the mascot for this unit of study. ;) Then he was supposed to cover the A's with rice and he sure covered them. haha! You can use pasta or beans or whatever you want. ;)

For this unit of study we are making a lapbook. The left picture is the front and the one on the right is the 
inside of the first flap.  I have a writing section... I covered it with tape so he can write the answers. The next part is identifying upper case and lower case but they're all in different fonts so there is the computer a and the regular written a w/o the cap. He just sticks them in the proper baskets. This template can be found here. We are going to start doing lapbooks. They're pretty fun.

For instructions on making a basic lapbook watch this video. This is very basic. You can get creative and have flaps and pages everywhere if you want. ;) I used scrapbook paper to decorate mine. HAVE FUN and BE CREATIVE!

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