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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Letter 'A' - Day 3

Language Arts: This is The A Game. It's just a basic game board. I colored it then covered it w/ contact paper. Then I printed out pictures of different objects. There are about 12 pictures total. Turn them face down and if you pic one that starts with an A then you get to move 1 space (our game pieces were coins). If it starts with something different, you don't get to move. If you get "Alligator Ann" then you get to move two spaces and if you get "Amy Ape" you have to move back 1 space. Collin loved it! I glued this one to one of the large flaps in the lapbook.

For math we talked about graphs. We discussed different ways to eat apples (whole, applesauce, juice, and pie). Then we made a bar graph on ppl's favorites -- we used our family and then talked about some of Collin's friends. He got it. I was excited at how quickly he caught on.
For the lapbook we used this 

The one on the right was still drying but the one on the left, I will attach with a brad later. I put this inside the right flap of the lapbook.

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