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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Letter 'B' - Day 2

We spent most of the day focusing on The Three Bears. I got three different books of The Three Bears and we read them. We also used this interactive story of the Three Bears. It was fun! =-)
After that we made some porridge and put it in a small bowl a medium bowl and large bowl. We then worked on sizes and putting things in order according to size.

Next we worked on some of the worksheets found here. We made a B book and worked on patterns with objects from The Three Bears.

We then printed out little printouts of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Collin colored a little brown paper lunch bag to look like the Three Bears' House. We glued it into the lapbook and put the characters inside the bag. 

Next we rewrote the story. ;) I told Collin that we needed to pretend that the Three Bears came to Goldilocks' house. What happened? He kept going on and on. I finally had to make him stop so it ends a bit abruptly but I was proud of him. Here's the story.

Nana and Goldilocks made some porridge but it was too hot so they went for a walk. While they were gone the 3 bears got in goldilocks’ and Nana’s home and ate all their porridge. They found some games and played them, then threw a block. Then, they came to our house while we were sleeping. They tiptoed into Collin’s room and took away a book from his bookshelf and took it all the way to the Giant. Then the Giant ripped the book into eeny weeny pieces. He grabbed all the pieces and threw them up, up, up into the highest place ever. They went all the way to Arwen’s home which was a little high up in the sky. Then the giant threw our house all over the place. The house was spun around in circles and we got very, very dizzy – even JoJo and Kenzie. All of us, even the three bears went all the way up to the giant’s and asked him to fix Collin’s book with some clear tape. Then we took a picture of Collin’ s best friend, Goldilocks. And then we took another picture and another and another and another and soon a raisin picture. We then slipped away with the Giant. But then the book ripped again and they decided they needed to use glue this time so Collin climbed down the beanstalk, got the glue, went back up the beanstalk, and gave the glue to the giant who then fixed the book again. The giant gave the glue back to Collin but Collin dropped it and it made a hole in the floor and kept falling all the way to our house and made a hole in the roof. Collin just went into the Giant’s home, JoJo and Kenzie came along too. And then we looked for the glue again and again and again. They couldn’t find it so Collin went down the beanstalk, got the glue and then up, up, up to the Giant’s again. They threw it again but soon it fell down and big, big hole but Collin couldn’t reach it. The Giant said, “I will use my long, long hand to get it.” So, he did and he pulled it out with his strong, strong muscles. But it was heavier and he dropped it again. It was very slippery too b/c there was glue on the outside of it. So he went down and down and down and soon the glue was so heavy, so all the friends came to help the Giant. Then everyone went home. THE END

Of course we also did our normal math, handwriting and read aloud.

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