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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Letter 'B' - Day 1

Today was mostly just an introduction to the letter B and our mascot, Bobby Bear. ;) First we talked about the letter B and some words that start w/ it then Collin noticed a bear paw print on the floor. (I thought he'd notice it sooner but... oh well. hehe!) I said, "Oh, look! I think our friend, Bobby Bear, left some footprints for us to find something. Let's see where they lead."

We found a Bowl full of items that start w/ B -- Banana, Block, Book, Beans, & Bubbles.

Next I said, "Oh my goodness!! I almost forgot. Today is Bobby Bear's Birthday!" Collin looked at me like I was nuts. Before he could respond I said, "What do you think we should make?"
Without hesitation he said, "Birthday cake!!"
So, of course we made Birthday cake w/ Blue frosting. ;)

I had Collin do everything. He measured out the ingredients and even cracked the eggs. He preheated the oven and greased the pans then iced the cupcakes. I did help with those though b/c there were a lot of them.

Next, I read a poem:
We set our stuffed animals up in a row-- / a chimp and a lion, a bear and a crow./Each one got a hat/and a special balloon,/They each got a plate/ and a cup and a spoon./ The bear ate too much, and the chimp spilled the punch./ but they had a great time at the animal lunch.
Collin then picked out the words that rhymed -- then we talked about how many items each animal had and why they were all the same --- 'one for each'. 

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