Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shadows Day 3

Today we had some guests w/ us. ;) It was pretty fun. My sister is visiting w/ us this week so her girls joined us. Since Monday is Groundhog Day we focused on that and the groundhog seeing his shadow... get where I was headed this week? ;)

Here's a pic of the four of them w/ their homemade groundhogs.
Here's a close up of Collin's. The groundhogs are attached to a popsicle stick and a hole poked in the bottom so they can push them up and down. Then we let the kids cut the paper so it looks like grass and we stuck it in the cups. The kids had fun. Oh! No judging on the groundhogs... I drew them b/c we are out of ink cartridge so I couldn't print any out online. =(

This is a close up of Jordyn's groundhog.

And this one is McKenzie's

Afterwards we went outside and played w/ our shadows, sang and danced. Our neighbors were out and I'm sure they really think I'm crazy now. hehe!

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Erica said...

This is so cute. What a neat idea. I wish you lived closer, and we would have "get togethers" and do fun things. All of Braylynne's friends have moved away this past year!

And look at them running around without heavy coats!