Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The beginning

Well, my kids are only 3 & 1 but I thought I'd start them now. Besides, haven't you heard that kindergarten is the new first grade? Yeah, I called the school we are zoned for and talked to them about what a kindergartener has to know. Most of the kids already know how to sound out words and recognize site words.Different schools/states have different guidelines. Some schools require kindergarteners to take an assessment test!!! HELLO! The kid is 5!! Anyways... it frustrates me. Collin likes to learn and he'll learn when he's ready. I will encourage it all I can but I want him to continue to enjoy it. I don't want him to feel like it's being forced on him and then end up hating it. Anyways. I thought I'd use this blog to keep up w/ what we're doing. Other people may find it useful or funny... you may just think I'm crazy.I don't care. We have fun and enjoy learning and that's what matters.

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Erica said...

Homeschooling may be for him. Seriously! I know with my brother, he was "slower" with learning to read, and they put him into a class with all the handicapped kids. He still has issues because of it (Kids were so cruel). My mom should have pulled him out of school but at the time she knew nothing about homeschooling. She fought really hard to get him out of that class. The teacher who put him in there, years later, came up to my mom to apologize to her for doing that. Guess what my brother has? He's dyslexic. That's why he struggled so much in the beginning. I have really never been a fan of school- UNLESS the kid is thriving and enjoying themselves and not getting bullied. I know way too many kids who dread going to school because of the bullies.