Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Circles Day 1

So... I'm a slacker and didn't get this up here yesterday. Sorry. I only planned 3 days this week so we're taking a break today, which is good b/c it's actually snowing here -- not sticking, but Collin sure thinks it's cool! =D

Above, I took index cards and put a certain number of circles on one end and the numeral written on the other end. Then I cut the index cards in half and Collin matched the numbers to the circles. =D
I had the circles cut out already but Collin glued them on each other slightly overlapping. I did the glue but Collin placed them all by himself. He also drew the legs, face and antennae. I don't know why this poor thing has such long ones but Collin drew them and I let him. hehe!

Also, I don't have a picture, but Collin played a game w/ Dad while I went to work for a little while. I cut out circles and we played sort of a musical chairs game except all the circles were out there. He just had to sit on one. He thought it was fun. =D

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