Saturday, January 24, 2009

Circles Day 3

Today was such a beautiful day in the south we decided to go outside.

Following directions: This game we are supposed to do w/ a hula-hoop but we don't own one so we made a circle on the ground w/ a tie down of Dad's. =D One thing kids are supposed to know before entering kindergarten is how to follow directions. We worked on that. I told Collin to do different things. Jump in the circle, walk around the circle on the outside/inside/one foot in one foot out... etc. Afterwards we played the hokey pokey w/ the circle. I'm sure our neighbors thought that was pretty entertaining. lol!

Math: He had to put the circles in order by size.

This is it for this week! Next week we'll be learning about shadows and the groundhog in prep for Feb 2 (Groundhog Day ;).

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I will try to comment again. I do enjoy pics of the kids and I like to stay informed about your activities.