Monday, January 26, 2009


We didn't do any "craftivities" today but I thought I'd post what we did for FHE. I felt that it went really well tonight. For those of you who don't know FHE stands for Family Home Evening. In our religion we are asked to set aside one night a week (normally Mondays) and be together as a family. Normally we have a song, prayer, lesson, snack and activity. It's pretty fun!

We got our lesson from the February Friend but it isn't posted yet... I guess since it's still January but we did get it in the mail. LOL! Here's the web site to see the Friend Magazines.
We did the "For Little Friends" section on pg 32. It was about the creation and for each day something was created there was a small picture to represent it. The only problem was there was only half a picture so we drew the rest of the picture in. Collin seemed to love it and didn't want it to end. I had to explain to him that the seventh day They rested so there was nothing else to draw. LOL!

For snack we had apple sandwiches which sounds nasty but they were actually really yummy. The recipe is in the February issue of The Friend as well. yum yum! Ronni ate two sandwiches!

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Erica said...

Are we on the same wavelength? I haven't updated any of my blogs lately, but we do that! On Saturday was ours and we did about Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge. We made a tree and then actually made trees to eat out of apples on sticks rolled in cream cheese with sprinkles (the sprinkles were the fruit they were supposed to not eat...

I am proud of you for doing this with your family. I wish more people would spend time together as families. As our kids grow in age and develop more understanding, there will be so many fun activities to do, to encourage their relationship with the Lord. I wish my parents would of done something like that with us growing up instead of saying, "You just have to love God the most, more than anyone"... I never really understand that, till I was older!