Friday, January 16, 2009

Balloons Day 4

I only had four days planned out for this week so we took yesterday off and got back into it today.
Science: We let the balloons "sing". We squeezed the mouth tight so it made that annoying squeaky noise and talked about why it does that.

Math: We "fished" for balloons. We had balloons in a big bowl of water and Collin fished them out w/ a big spoon. I had numbers on each balloon and he told me the numbers they were and put them in order. We started w/ five balloons and worked our way up to ten.

Movement: We pretended to be balloons. We were limp like a balloon before it has any air and then we expanded as I blew up a balloon. Then I let the air out and we went limp again.
Song: We did a song ever day this week that had to do w/ balloons.
Check us out next week -- we're doing circles.

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