Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Balloons - Day 3

Craft: The kids made balloon puppets-- see their hair?? hehe! It's ribbon and we used hole reinforcements for their faces. lol!!

Language Arts: Afterwards Collin made up a story about his balloon boy. He was telling me as I was writing it.
His name is Blue. Blue is 3 like Collin. Blue likes to fly. When he flies he flies, flies, flies up to the giant's living room. He builds a fire then he sleeps for the night. At breakfast he finds the baby giant, Ronni and the big giant, Collin. Ronni, Collin, and Blue all fly away together.
The End by Collin Smith (age 3)
Science: We blew the balloons up then released them before tying the knot so they would fly around the room. Then we talked about what causes that. I've been blowing balloons up all day now just to watch my kids let out all my air and fly around the room so I can blow them up again. haha!
Movement: We bounced the balloon in the air trying not to let it touch the ground while singing a balloon song.
That was our day. I have to say that Collin has behaved so much better since we've been doing this!

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