Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday Jan 12

Our first day of our Balloon Week! We do a theme a week and then I try to get activities going in different subjects for that theme. Collin is only 3 and Ronni is just 1 so nothing is too complex and it's always fun. =D Ronni does 1 activity w/ us a day then we eat lunch and she takes a nap and then Collin does the others.

Science: We learned about static electricity. We rubbed the balloons on our shirts and heads and stuck them to the wall or made our hair stick up. Collin and Ronni both had tons of fun w/ this one. As the static was wearing off the balloons the kids would laugh as the balloon "crawled" down the wall.
Movement: We tied balloons to the ceiling and Collin had to jump and stretch to knock them around. He really seemed to enjoy this.

Crafts: We used fingerprints for balloons...

then added the strings. =D

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