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I'm a mom, a teacher, a student, a wife, and a scout leader. I am actually an education major currently working on my practicum in a 2nd grade classroom. I also home school my two children. I'm also a cub scout leader, a girl scout leader, and at church I'm the children's music leader. ;) I tend to stay a little busy. My state requires homeschoolers to keep a portfolio. I am going to use this blog as my portfolio.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rocks -- highlights

My life has been busy lately. Sorry. here are some highlights from our week of ROCKS. Above is a rock sculpture Collin made. We glued them to form a picture. Collin was just gluing them randomly and then realized a face was forming so turned it into a face. It now sits on his bookshelf in his room. hehe!

Here is the collection of rocks. We sorted them by colors and then we use a rock sorter I made and sorted them by sizes. That pic is below.

Finally: our last day or rocks we told the story of stone soup and then made stone soup. Just make sure you clean and boil the rock ahead of time so it's safe to cook w/. It's amazing all the stuff that cooks out of a rock. =D Collin decided that Stone Soup (or magic soup as he referred to it after the story) is very yummy.

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