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Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 2 1-12-15

Both of them did their math assignments for the day using Singapore Math. Ryanne has moved on to subtraction.
Vocabulary; retreat, odious, union, altitude, exhibition
Literature: read Ch 6 of The Trumpet of the Swan and then drew a narration card. Their narration card was to sum up today's reading and tell it in their own words. They also worked on their memory work -- Changing by Mary Ann Hoberman
History: We read the first section of Chapter two about The Celts in Britain.
Read to self for 20 minutes.

Math: Next lesson using Singapore Math.
Art: 2 hour art class at Hobby Lobby
This is Ryanne's. She traced the picture and there was something with glue and salt and then she painted it. I'm getting this info from a 7 year old. I think she said it's silk.

Vocabulary: captivity
Literature: read Ch 7 of The Trumpet of the Swan, Narration card
Read to self for 20 minutes
Memory Work: Changing by Mary Ann Hoberman
History: We used the Usborne Encyclopedia
Vision Therapy for one hour
These are some crazy glasses Collin sometimes wears in vision therapy. He wore these as he walked across a balance beam. LOL!

Math: Next lesson using Singapore Math
Vocabulary: disinclined, analysis, sanctuary, countenance, coy, antics, doleful
Literature: Read Ch 8 of The Trumpet of the Swan, Copy Work
Read to self for 20 minutes
Memory Work: Changing by Mary Ann Hoberman
Science: All Matter is Made of Particles
Breaking rock (a solid) into smaller particles. Notice, we were being safe and all wearing safety glasses. :) 

See the tiny particles the kids made.

Comparing salt, flour, and sugar through the magnifying glass.
 I didn't get a picture but here I used a spray bottle and prayed it into a very fine mist. The kids were awed because they couldn't even see it. Then I sprayed their hands and they watched as the little mist pooled together on their hands.
 Here we made little packages of air particles.

This lead to a question about electricity. We were discussing how matter all has weight, takes up space and is made up of particles. That's when Collin (my 9 year old) asked me about electricity. He wanted to know if it was matter and if it was, which state was it in. My response... I have no idea. So, the research began on electricity.

Here is Collin zoned out watching the videos mentioned above.

History: Read Medieval Tales: Boudicca: Tales from the Celts

Math: Next lesson in Singapore Math
Vocabulary: publicity, procured, deplorable, emit, erect
Literature: Read Ch 9-10 of The Trumpet of the Swan, narration card
Memory Work: Changing by Mary Ann Hoberman
Read to self for 20 minutes
Science: The Difference Between Solids, Liquids and Gases - then they worked on their notebooks.
History: second section of Ch 2 - Barbarians Come to Britain, map work, timeline work

Math: Collin did a test and Ryanne worked on her next lesson
Vocabulary: They both took a test then they learned the new words - privy, prejudices, malodorous, untarnished
Literature: Read Ch 11-12 of The Trumpet of the Swan - We also listened to the revielle and taps on youtube. :)
Memory Work: Changing by Mary Ann Hoberman
Read for 20 minutes
Science: We played....
This is magic sand. We also made snow!
History: The kids took a test then we watched the documentary Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxons http://youtu.be/R3hjjaUQiVA?list=PL48B6488B46A5F877 

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