Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sound and Music.... waves and vibrations

We worked on sound vibrations. Here we hit the pan with the spoon to make the rice on the plastic bounce.

Here we were targeting the sound waves to hit the piece of paper. There's a piece of card stock on the end with a small hole in it. When we yelled in it it vibrated the strip of construction paper.

Of course when learning about sound waves and vibrations we have to make the classic comb kazoo. :)
This one was our favorite -- made from tongue depressors, rubberbands and cut up pieces of a straw we made a sound sandwich. We just blow and it's a whistle. So awesome!
We made a sound box. Collin decorated the bottom and Ronni and I decorated the top.
Okay, I put the paper on it and Ronni did the rest.
Here's the sound box. We talked about the different sounds the different sized rubber bands make. I also pulled out my guitar and and we looked at the different sized strings on there and the different sounds the strings make when you hold one down on the different frets.
We did other things too but a lot of our stuff comes from a curriculum now and I don't want to break the copyright or anything by posting it all on here.

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