Monday, August 16, 2010

Sound and Music: Echoes

Literature: We read this book.

Science: We experimented with how echoes bounce off different surfaces.
One was talking in the tube and the other listening. We used a tile, the table, cardboard, mirror and anything we could find.
We used different length tubes too. :)
Then we talked about how the sound waves are absorbed into some so we yelled at the objects and felt some vibrating more than others. Collin really liked this!!

Language Arts: We played a copycat game. The took turns copying what the other said and did.
Math: We talked about places -- ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. I drew the numbers on the driveway and bounced it on the ground to each other. We had to name what place the number was in that the ball landed on. Collin loved this and we played it for over an hour.
I'm not sure why he looks so serious in this picture though.

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