Monday, August 16, 2010

Music and Sound: Pitch

We read Nate and the Great Musical Note. We found it a bit dull though so I recommend maybe finding another book.

Science:  We listened to the difference in pitch of different sized items. I had my husband cut a small dowel into 8 different pieces, each one an inch larger than the next. We dropped them and listened and figured out which ones were higher than the others.

Then we made a water scale and compared the pitches in each bottle. I couldn't find IBC cream soda which would have been better b/c they're clear but I did find root beer and they worked fine too.
Language Arts: We wrote songs with our water scales. :)
Math: I put a number in front of each bottle, numbering them 1-8. Then I had a card and wrote different math equations like '5+2=' and then we figured out the answer by tapping the bottles with a spoon.

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