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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bears Day 2

For language arts we made a book of bear stories. My nieces are still visiting so we have three stories in this little book. The kids told us the stories and we wrote them down. Afterwards they illistrated. ;) The best part about the stories was watching the kids tell them. Collin liked to act them out... especially the jumping. hehe! I'll add the stories after the picture... enjoy... =D

The Bears by Collin (age 3): Once there were five bears. They ate food that was on the wall. After they ate the two little bears went on a walk to see Arwen, the dog. They all ran around the yard. They went this way and that way. Then they climbed and climbed the trees and jumped down. They caught themselves when they jumped. They caught themselves witht their feet. Then they all jumped in the pool on the other side of the fence. They had fun splashing each other. They liked to jump and run in the water. They got out and Arwent jumped up over the fence and down tot he ground to go home. The bears stayed at the pool until it got dark and dark. They decided to go home and go to bed. The end.
The Bear Book by McKenzie (age 3): Once upon a time there was a one year old bear. This little girl bear loved to run. She ran tot he piano and this way and that way. One day she ran into a cat named Baker. From then on the little girl bear and Baker ran everywhere together. They were best friends. Still, to this day, they are running together. The End.
The Bear Book by Jordyn (age 4): Once upon a time there were three bears. It was a sunny day so they went for a walk. Whil they were walking they saw a big balloon. A little girl had let go of the balloon and it was floating away. The bears saw that the little girl was sad so they quickly jumped up and caught the balloon. Then they gave it back to the little girl and she was happy again. The three bears went home very happy to have helped someone. They all went home and took a nap. The End.
This is one of the bears from the "bear picnic". I drew bears sitting down and cut them out of construction paper. Then we smeared them w/ glue and the kids sprinkled coffee grounds on them.

This was actually very interesting when we went shopping for coffee b/c my sis nor I have ever had coffee... we almost bought creamer thinking it was coffee. hehe! We finally figured it out. ;)

While the bears were drying the kids drew food on paper plates. In the middle is a picnic basket w/ cutouts of food inside it. We spoke about what foods are healthy and which ones are just yummy. It was really fun! We stuck them all on a cheapo table cloth and it's now hanging on my wall. =D

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