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Monday, January 17, 2011

Seasons - Day 1: Overview

Let me start by apologizing for getting so behind on this blog. It was overwhelming just thinking about catching up so I'm not catching up. We're just going to start with what we did today. sorry! Life has been crazy for us since Thanksgiving.

Scripture: We started off reading Ecclesiastes 3:1 and talked about seasons and how there is a time and place for everything.Then we started talking about how the earth is the same way.

Music: We sang "Rain is Falling All Around"   We actually sang it twice with all 5 versus. haha! The kids LOVE this song! :)

 Literature: We read The Year at Maple Hill Farm by Alice Provensen. It's really cute and talks about each month of the year and what is happening with the animals and the weather. It's a bit long but both my kids (5 & 3) sat through the whole thing.

Math: Understanding calendars is an important skill for children to learn. First off, make a season wheel.

Draw a circle and divide it into fourths then draw a picture to represent each season in the sections. Then write the months that belong to the season with a smaller picture to represent them. I did this with the kids and they helped me pick the pictures to represent them.
 Then we took a calendar and I had the kids find different dates. Once they found them, with the help of the season wheel we just made, they figure out which season it is. We worked on all of our birthdays. :)

Language Arts: We talked about what we would wear for each season. We would have put on clothes for each season but all of our summer clothes are put away right now so it wouldn't have worked well. Instead we just talked about it.

Science/Art: We made a season book:

 Spring: My 5 yo wrote it himself but ran out of room so the g is a little high. The blue spots are rain drops and the colors are flowers.
 Summer: He had a hard time writing this. The blue is water b/c we go swimming in the summer. ;)
 Fall: Those are leaves falling from the trees!
Winter: We glued salt to the paper to represent snow.

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