Thursday, September 1, 2011

Everytime I watch this trailer I cry. When I watched the movie, I cried. It is such an amazing video (yes, it is biased but so is everything else). It follows several children as they work with their parents to find a better education and it's all based on luck. You also get a better look into the American schools and what the gov't is doing to try and improve the education system but the stupid politics that prevent them from doing anything. I definitely recommend watching it.


Necha said...

Barf, that just makes me want to barf.

Emily said...

I recently watched it and cried as well. It hurts to see these children and know that their lives are almost fated from the moment they start K.
I also feel so fortunate that I am in a situation where I can change my child's future and for the better.

The Bohmans said...

This is sooo sad. My friend in Florida had to go through a raffel for her child to get into the kindergarten she wanted. It was soo stressful for them. She didn't get in for 4k.